Here you will see that Coach Al offers a variety of coaching and training options for running, triathlon, swimming, and cycling, at all distances and experience levels.

If you have any questions about coaching, training plans, or if you have a specific need or goal, email Coach Al directly. Coach Al is here to help you reach your goals, whatever they may be!

Coaching and Training Plan Options from Coach Al Lyman

"Working with Al was of tremendous importance in achieving my goals for the 2010 season and beyond. I had been a professional for several years, but without an outside view it was difficult to continue moving closer to the perfect running form we all strive to achieve. Al's vast knowledge certainly has helped me see the areas where I need to improve, and I am sure the guidance he provided will turn me into a much better runner." --Felip Bastos, Professional Triathlete
“Coach Al is a person who truly has a passion for what he does and truly cares about you as an athlete and more importantly, a person. His teachings are more than just how to succeed in one’s sport. The lessons you will learn from Coach Al will help you succeed in life...” - Dave Giacalone, Vernon, CT
“He always has time and makes time for long phone conversations and detailed explanations on training issues. I know how busy he is, yet he always has time to answer even the most trivial questions…” - Rachel Beckmann, Honolulu, HI
“I could have hired any coach I wanted to, including some who have won Ironman races. I hired Al because I knew him, and knew he was the person who would give me what I needed most, passion and personal attention. This guy will go to the end of the earth to help you achieve success!” - Basil Ingemi, MSPT, USA Triathlon Level 1 Coach
“I went to Coach Al to learn how to use the Vasa Ergometer to become a better triathlon swimmer. No only has he exceeded my expectations, but he has blown them all away. Coach Al is a true coach and teacher. Not only is he extremely knowledgable --having the science to back it all up, but he is truly genuinely interested in each and every one of his athletes and the progress that they make. His 21st century approach to coaching combined with his old school determination and classic style have forged him into a truly exceptional coach. If you are looking for enthusiasim, wisdom, technology, lightning fast feed back, all with a touch of class - then Coach Al is the only way to go.“ - John E. Tolud -- Brooklyn, New York.
After having spent many years racing as a duathlete, competing in the World Duathlon Championships a few times with Team USA and winning many local duathlons, I was looking for a chance to race more often and perhaps looking for another challenge. Triathlon was the next logical step. Luckily I called Al, who is an old friend, to inquire about swim lessons and coaching help, as I had never swum a lap in a pool. Al provided what I needed, "triathlon" swim coaching, not merely a generic swim program. I was surprised how quickly I caught many local swimmers who had been hammering laps for years, whereas most of my swimming was quite easy but carefully planned and executed. Thanks Al! -Chris Hansen
*An extra word on Gait Analysis for runners… Gait Analysis is not only for runners! At Pursuit Athletic Performance, we focus on building good movement skills first, then we turn to speed and quickness. Through our comprehensive gait analysis system at Pursuit Athletic Performance, we will help you put it all together in the most efficient and optimal way possible. We guarantee that, over time, your performance will soar, and your risk of injury will be greatly diminished. Be sure to visit our site to learn more, and how you can unleash your ultimate potential!

It is always suggested, if possible, that you have and use a heart rate monitor for your coaching or training plans.