Gait Analysis

A crucial first step in your training process

Gait Analysis is a powerful tool designed to effectively evaluate your movement and ascertain your readiness to add training volume and / or intensity.

Our Virtual Gait Analysis allows us to help you, no matter where you live.  We are at your service!  The procedure is simple. You send us some video and still photos, and we’ll completely transform your training.  We identify your strengths and weaknesses, and then use the data collected to create a customized program to make you faster and more durable.

With your Virtual Gait Analysis you’ll get:

  • A Complete Biomechanical Evaluation
  • Evaluation of Running Form
  • Identification of Strengths / Weaknesses
  • Specific Recommendations for Strength Training with Video Instructions
  • Specific Recommendations to Improve Flexibility with Video Instructions
  • Recommendations for Appropriate Footwear or Orthotics
  • A Detailed Written Report of Our Findings
  • A Skype Session to Discuss Your Results
  • Customized Training Like Never Before!

Let’s face it, you can’t train if you’re broken.

We’re able to pinpoint potential mechanisms of injury, as well as places where you may be leaking energy (a.k.a. speed), and we’ll show you how to correct the problem(s).  Before and after shots provide a true outcome measure.  Fill out our Intake and Release form below to get started with real, measurable results.