What Our Clients Say

... one of the greatest benefits is my understanding of what I am DOING in each session...  my enjoyment and appreciation of training has ratcheted up another couple of notches... Al knows his stuff like none other!

—– Peter Benner, every day athlete

"All my life I've competed in some way, mostly as a runner. I've toiled with many aspects of running - but then, I found Coach Al and began to work with him one-on-one as I was looking for ways to improve running strength and endurance. Al has opened my eyes to wise and safe ways to improve my overall conditioning. What I'm learning will keep me in the competitive running game for a long time. Thanks Coach!"

—– Susan Lessard, Old Lyme, CT., accomplished marathoner, ultra-runner, and Mom!

Susan Ford "Coach Al provides the human touch in coaching. He provides wisdom, empathy, encouragement, practical advice, and companionship in what could be an isolating sport for someone like me who trains alone most of the time. He is truly a partner in my journey; a curious, intelligent and caring soul whose guidance is pivotal to the pursuit of my athletic dreams."

—Susan Ford, Cookeville, TN – Age Group winner,14x Ironman competitor and Kona-bound triathlete!

"I thought I knew it all until I hooked up with Coach Al. He helped me incorporate functional strength, flexibility, and mobility consistently into my training, both from his program Runner-CORE, and from his one-on-one form analysis and coaching. I have improved significantly, especially the run! I have less time to train but became faster now than I was in my twenties and thirties. I attribute this to smarter training prescribed by Coach Al! Thanks Coach!"

—– Lisbeth Kenyon, 2x Age-Group Winner- Ironman Kona