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Hey there, I’m Coach Al Lyman

My passion is helping athletes grow, prosper, get faster, stay healthier, get stronger, and go longer!

My theories and beliefs about the best ways to train for endurance sports, developed through practical experience over 25 years as an athlete and researcher, have always been cutting-edge and often considered “out of the box” thinking.

I’m the founder of Pursuit Fitness, LLC, a nationally recognized coaching company for endurance athletes,

My approach to coaching revolves around a more holistic, balanced approach that includes Yoga, flexibility and mobility training, and smart functional strength training. Most importantly, he advocates a balanced approach that blends training and racing goals within the context of the “triangle of life,” which is family, work, and sport.

Coach Al shares his story behind why he is passionate about coaching

Al Lyman, FRCms, CSCS

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Coach Al is certified by USA Triathlon, USA Cycling, the National Strength and Conditioning Association (CSCS)

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